Friday, 30 November 2012

What is " Possessive Nouns"?

= Posssesive Nouns are formed with the use of an apostrophe.

They are formed by adding an apostrophe to a noun.
We add an apostrophe s ('s) to singular nouns and plural nouns not ending in "s".
We use only an apostrophe (') for plural nouns ending in 's'
Do we an apostrophe ('s) or an apostroper s ('s) with chair to show possession?
No, we don't.
The nouns chair is an inanimate object.
So we use of the with inanimate objects to show possession.
We use of the to show possession for an inanimate object.
However, there is an exception.
To show possession in nouns denoting time and quantity we always use the apostrophe (').
We say a day's work, in two hours' time, a dollar's worth, a 15 cent's stamp.

Exercise :

1. The pen -- the nib
2. The sailors -- caps
3. The house -- the roof
4. Queen Elizabeth -- reign
5. Your parents -- address
6. Three tons -- weight
7. Today -- programme
8. The elephants -- tusks
9. The lorry -- the wheels
10. Mr Chan -- daughters