Monday, 22 October 2012

Must And Have To  ( + Had To )

Must is used to express an obligation to do something
Have to is used to show an action we are obliged to do. It can be used in the present, future and past tenses unlike must which has no past or future tense.
Note: has/ have to ( Simple Present ), shall/ will have to ( Simple Future) and had to ( Simple Past ).
However must shows a stronger obligation than have to.


Put in " must ",  " must to ", " have to", " had to", " has to".

1. Food ___________ be left uncovered.

2. Danny ____________ clean up this mess before his parents return.

3. The padi ___________ be milled before it can be sold.

4. You __________ write a ' thank you' note to your aunt tonight.

5. The army __________ surrender because many of its soldiers were wounded.

6. _________ we obey all the rules?

7. She ___________ believe a torc because it will be dark soon.

8. We ______________ throw rubbish on the ground.

9. Chin Xiong ____________ stay in bed because he had a fever.

10.I _________ thank her for her kindness.


  1. Thanks for sharing, it is useful for me and students. Keep it up.^^

  2. Latihan ini sesuai untuk murid membuat ulangkaji.