Monday, 22 October 2012

Possessive Adjectives And Pronouns

Possessive Adjectives are adjectives used to show possession.

A Possessive Pronoun takes the place of a Possessive Adjective + a noun

 What do the underlined words my  and its show?

They show possession, such words are called Possessive Adjectives .

They are used with the nouns brother and kennel,

Other Possessive Adjectives are your, his, her, our and their.

Exercise : 

1.  We met ________ friends at the library.

2. Mr and Mrs Richards are just getting into _______ car.

3. He told me it was ______ brother who lost the chess game, not him.

4. He has a loud voice. We can hear ________ voice several houses away.

5. The dog wagged ________ tail when it saw the bone.

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